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2002 bmw x5: slow..sounds like coming from front end

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2002 bmw x5 makes Klunking sound at quick takeoff. slow take off no noise.
sounds like coming from front end.



Hopefully this is not the axles clunking that you just had worked on. It would be good to have them re-inspected by the persons that did the work to make sure they did not leave anything loose. They should do this for free. At the same time they can check the sway bar.


One common thing to make a clunking is the sway bar links. Sometimes they will even feel tight but the ball sockets are popping. The best way to check them is to put the vehicle on a lift and hold the main sway bar near the sway bar link and give it a good pull up and down. Most often the popping can be felt in the bar but in order to feel this there cannot be any weight on the front axle. It is common for these to go bad so it might be a good place to start.

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