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2000 740i: BMW..starter when short across terminals with screw driver

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2000 740i BMW,new starter and starter just click,can turn starter when short across terminals with screw driver,have tried three starters,all does the same rhing.

Hello Jerry,


Most likely the GPS unit was just a coincidence. It is very common for the Navigatioin units to go bad on this year.


For the starter, I think I have the correct wiring diagram.

The starter control goes through an EWS module. This module is there for theft protection. It has to see a valid key and then the code checked from the DME (engine module) to allow the starter to turn. There is a relay also that could be the problem.





The starter relay location is: In the Ebox with the DME and EGS module. This would be in the engine compartment on the passenger side under a plastic cover.


K6324, X6324


rear RH side of engine compartment in E-Box under control modules

K6324Starter relay
X6324Component connector (9-pin, Black), Starter relay




The first thing to check is do you have voltage to pin 6 at the relay when cranking. If not then the EWS is most likely the failure.


By looking at the relay wiring if 12 volts were applied at pin 2 the starter should spin. This would be in essence jumpering the starter from the relay like you are doing with a screw driver. If the starter turns from this point it shows that the wiring is good from the relay to the starter and again points to the EWS as a possible problem. I would also try another key as a bad key could prevent the start signal from being release from the EWS module.


I hope this information will be helpful. Thank you.

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