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2006 BMW 750Li: brakes..rotors, pads, sensors

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I replaced the brakes on a 2006 BMW 750Li. rotors, pads, sensors. now I need to reset
the iDrive menu. what is the procedure. is this set at the iDrive screen or it set with a
scan tool?

The brake warning can be reset through the instrument cluster below are the instructions if you have any problems please feel free to ask.



E65 AND E66

The CBS Reset procedure enables resetting of the individual service item. After a service has

been performed, the service item must be reset to 100% (full service interval). To reset a service


1. Insert the Remote Control into the Ignition Lock.

2. Press the Start/Stop Button once (KL15 is "On") with foot off the Brake Pedal.

3. Press and hold the Reset Button located on the upper left side of the Instrument Cluster

for about 5 seconds.

4. Release the Reset Button when a 4-line menu appears inside the Speedometer display. At

the top line is the "Back" function, followed by the first 3 service items. The menu will

list the service items sorted by priority of the service due. Note: If the Reset Button is

held too long and not released when the above 4-line menu appears, the system will go

into Instrument Cluster Test Functions: 01 Identification 02 System test 03 Not used 04

Consumption To exit Test Functions, remove the Remote Control from the Ignition Lock

and repeat steps 1 through 4 above.

5. Tap the Reset Button or the lower FAS Button located in the side of the Turn Signal/High

Beam Stalk to view the next service items in the menu.

6. Select the Service Item with "!" or "-" by tapping the Reset Button or the lower FAS


7. Press and hold the Reset Button for a few seconds to display a 2-line menu in the

Tachometer. The third menu line will appear to confirm if the reset is successful. The

nominal interval for the service item will also be highlighted in the Service Need Display

(SBA), located under the Speedometer in the Instrument Cluster.

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