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1998 528i: back window..H ow do I get the door panel off to look at it

Resolved Question:

Hello,I have a 1998 528i,4door.T back window won't go up.H ow do I get the door panel off to look at it?
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: BMW
Expert:  marcpod replied 8 years ago.

welcome to just answer. Here is the schematic for you if you need anything else just let me know. if you accept this please hit thegreen payment tab. Bonuses are always appreciated. Thank you

Removing and Installing Rear Left or Right Door Trim Panel

  • Lift out cover cap.

  • Lift out cover cap (1) and unfasten screw.
  • Unfasten screw on window crank then remove window crank and window.
  • If necessary, lift out footwell light and/or toggle switch (window regulator) and disconnect connector.

Version with sun roller blind on side window:

  • Unhook roller sun blind at top (1) and pull out towards inside/top (2).

Version with sun roller blind on side window:

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Expert:  marcpod replied 8 years ago.
  • Pull wooden strip backwards to remove.

Version with sun roller blind on side window:

If necessary, replace faulty clips and/or grommets.

Version with sun roller blind on side window:

  • Release screws through bores (1).
  • Unscrew bolt (2).

  • Unclip door trim panel all around.

  • Pull door trim upwards out of door clip and slide door handle (1) through the door trim.

  • Remove door clip.

Installation Note:

  • Install door clip in bracket of door trim.

Installation Note:

  • If necessary, replace damaged clips.

Installation Note:
After assembling the door trim panel proceed as follows:

  1. Open door window
  2. Close door
  3. Lock with vehicle key
  4. Check whether the linkage on the retaining knob can move freely.
  5. If necessary, dismantle door trim panels and align the linkage
  6. Fit door trim
  7. Repeat points 1 to 4.