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How to replace 97 528i bmw oil pan gasket

Resolved Question:

how to replace 97 528i bmw oil pan gasket
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: BMW
Expert:  Kenny replied 8 years ago.

Here are the repair instructions. Feel free to ask any questions.


11 13 000Removing and installing, sealing or replacing oil sump (M52 / M52TU / M54)
Note: To remove the oil sump, you must lower the front axle support. There is no need to perform a front axle alignment check.
GRRA0000-HINWEISRemove engine splash guard. Drain engine oil.
GRRA1102-09Release guide tube for dipstick.
GRRA1102-10Remove oil return hose from cyclone oil separator. Remove oil dipstick guide tube.
GRRA5011-127HInstallation: Replace O-ring.
GRRA1106-32Fit special tool 00 0 200 to special tool 00 0 201/202/204/208 and attach. Secure special tool 00 0 200 to the front suspension lug on the engine. Note: The supports (1) of special tool 00 0 208 must make contact with the screws on the side panels.
GRRA1106-38Tighten the screws (1 and 2).
GRRA1106-33Raise engine with special tool 00 0 200 approx. 5 mm.
GRRA0000-HINWEISDetach steering spindle from steering gear; this operation is described in the section Removing and installing steering gear. Remove vane pump for power steering unit (lines remain connected). Note: For improved access, unfasten reservoir for power steering unit if necessary.
GRRA5111-190ELoosen top and unfasten bottom of left and right engine mounts.
GRRA1101-60If necessary, remove oil pipes from oil pan. Brace front axle support with special tool 00 2 030 in conjunction with special tool 31 2 220.
GRRA0000-HINWEISNote: When lowering front subframe, do not remove steering box from subframe. Unfasten screw connection on front axle support and lower the front axle support. These operations are described in the section Replacing front axle support.
GRRA5011-195UUnfasten oil pan screws at transmission and engine ends. Lower and remove oil pan.
GRRA3131-008Note: If the oil pan cannot be pulled backwards, unfasten push rod (stabilizer link) on left and right side of stabilizer and lower front axle support further. Installation instructions and tightening torque are contained in the section Removing and installing push rod for stabilizer.
GRRA1107-83Installation: Sealing faces clean and free of seal debris. Replace seal. Apply approx. 3 mm wide, 2 mm high coat of Drei Bond 1209 sealing agent (refer to BMW Parts Service) to the area around seams.
1. Install oil sump
2. Install all screws in the oil sump
3. Fit screws in transmission end without preload
4. Tighten down screws at engine end
5. Tighten down screws at transmission end

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