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Bmw 318i: My 54 reg..dashboard..warning light..brake pads

Customer Question

My 54 reg BMW 318ci SE has been giving me various warning lights on the dashboard. The tyre pressure sensor warning light remains on constantly and first came on about 3 weeks after having new brake pads, discs and tyres put on (although the discs have begun rusting after 2 months of being put on which makes me think I got scammed and the mechanic only cleaned up the existing discs and put them back on instead of putting new ones on). I tried resetting the lgiht following the instructions in the manual but it still stays on. Other than that, the exhaust light, EML light, ABS light, brake light, DCS light all come on and sometime stay on and sometime dissapear....apart from the tyre pressure light which was the first to come on and remains on constantly, the others just all came on about 1 month after the tyre pressure light first came on. Im hoping the fault with be with the computer system as opposed to a fault with all of the exhaust, abs, breaks, dcs etc. Please advise.
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: BMW
Expert:  Kenny replied 8 years ago.

It sounds like a problem with either the DSC system or the EML. You will have to have the faults read out at the dealer to determine the problem. It could just be a faulty wheel speed sensor. But there are so many reasons that could be possible. If you get the faults or the cause I can provide repair instructions for the repair.

Customer: replied 8 years ago.
Thanks. If it was the DCS or EML, would that cause the engine emissions/exhaust light to come on as well, as that tends to come on and off as well.
Expert:  Kenny replied 8 years ago.
Yes it could turn the the engine light but it could be the other way around the engine light could be turning the other lights on. Once you get the faults or the cause I can provide repair instructions for the repair.
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Customer: replied 8 years ago.

Iv had the faults checked out now. Apparently a faulty wheel speed sensor is the reason for the DSC, ABS and brake lights to come on. The fault code for this was 5DA0. Please could you provide instructions on repair.


The computer could not communicate with the tyre pressure monitoring system (I think its called RDC) but no fault code was being generated. The guy said it could be that when I had the tyres changed the garage took out the sensors in the tubes that monitor the tyre pressure and didnt put them in the new tyres, hence why the tyre pressure light remains on. He said he would check the chasis no of my car with BMW to confirm whether the car had the sensors in the tubes in which case that would be the reason for that light coming on (as he confirmed that the current tubes didnt have the sensors in them).


Interestingly enough, the engine emissions light and the EML light didnt come on at all during while he was checking the car. I mentioned before that they come on intermittently, sometimes together, sometimes on their own, but we started the car several times but both never came on. There was also no code generated for this. Why do you think they were coming on in the first place, and why are they not coming on now?


There were two additional codes however, 2A69 Valvetronic Voltage Supply, Servo Motor 1 and 2A6B Valvetronic Power Limitation Servo Motor. The guy said these were probably old codes that are just sitting in the memory from sometime ago when the battery must have gone flat or some other power supply issue must have happened before I owned the car (as other old power loss codes were also sitting in the memory such as power loss to the hood (mine is a convertible) etc). Do you think he is right?


The last code that appeared was 5E5C Initialise Run Flat Indicator, but the guy said this was linked with the faulty wheel speed sensor so would dissapear once the sensor is changed. Do you agree.


Many thanks for your continued assistance.

Expert:  Kenny replied 8 years ago.

Fault code 5DA0 is for Wheel speed sensor (front left) electrical failure.

The part number is XXXXX

Below are the repair instructions.

34 52 525Removing and installing/replacing front pulse generator
GRRA0000-ESDImportant! Read and comply with notes on protection against electrostatic damage (ESD protection).
GRRA3401-38Open plug housing (1), pull plug connection (2) out of fixture and disconnect. Pull cable with rubber grommet out of fixture on spring strut and on body. Installation: Ensure proper locking of plug connector and proper seating of rubber grommets.
GRRA3401-36Release hexagon socket screw (1). Withdraw wheel speed sensor (2) from bore hole. Installation: Tightening torque, 34 51 6AZ.
GRRA3401-37Installation: Clean bore hole for pulse generator and grease with Staburags NBU 12/K lubricating grease (refer to BMW Service Operating Fluids).


I would check the RDC system after the WSS is replaced.


Many faults can be stored if the battery voltage is to low (i.e. drained battery) I would see what happens after you replace the sensor.





Customer: replied 8 years ago.

BMW confirmed with the chasis no of my car that replacing the wheel speed sensor will automatically get rid of the RDC light as the same sensor monitors tyre pressure (the sensor in the tube i mentioned earlier was in older model cars apparently).


The fault code for the WSS says its front right though, not left as you have advised?

Expert:  Kenny replied 8 years ago.

I am so sorry I misread it. I am glad you caught it. You are correct it is the right.

Customer: replied 8 years ago.
No problem. Is the part number and repair instructions still the same?
Expert:  Kenny replied 8 years ago.
The repair instructions are the same the new part number is XXXXX
Customer: replied 8 years ago.

Iv replaced the part but the lights are still on. Do they need to be reset or could it be that the new sensor is faulty too or some other problem?

Expert:  Kenny replied 8 years ago.
The faults need to be cleared for the light to be off.