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heater blower motor location on a 1996 318i

Customer Question

heater blower motor location on a 1996 318i
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: BMW
Expert:  Kenny replied 8 years ago.

It is located at the back of the firewall behind a couple of panels. I have included the repair instructions that have some good pictures of its location


64 11 210Removing and installing or replacing fan for heating unit (M40, M42, M43)
GRRA3612-053Pull off rubber part and pry out grill.
GRRA3612-054Remove screws from cable channel.
GRRA3612-041Remove screws on right-hand side and take off holder.
GRRA3612-040Remove screw on left side and pull out air collector in upwards direction. Note: Air collector will be difficult to pull out.
GRRA3664-017USedan, coupé, convertible Loosen clips and take off motor cover. Note: Shown on removed model.
GRRA3664-018UPull off connectors.
GRRA3664-016ULoosen clamp and lift out motor.
GRRA3664-022UPosition wiper arm vertical. Lift up wiring and pull out motor completely. M 43: Press cable channel between fire wall and engine. Release wiring harness from clip on driver side of bulkhead.
GRRA6400-15compact Unfasten screws, twist cover and lift off.
GRRA6400-16Remove connector, unfasten screw and pull fan motor forwards to remove.