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2000 BMW 323CI: position sensor..electrical..P1622 MAP cooling control

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We have a 2000 BMW 323CI with 5 trouble codes:    P1188 Fuel Control (Bank 1 Sensor 1), P1189 Fuel Control (Bank 2 Sensor 1), P1624 Pedal position sensor potentiometer supply channel 1 electrical, P1622 MAP cooling control circuit electrical, and P0125B unknown. What does this all mean?

P1622- Need to replace the MAP thermostat (electrical engine thermostat)

p1188 and p1189- mixture faults- check the intake air boot for tears at the idle control valve and for vacuum leaks at the crankcase vent valve (look for oil under the intake and where the hose attaches to the dipstick tube under the intake.

P1624 clear the fault if it returns will need to diagnose the electronic throttle system. Probably something like a floor mat holding the gas pedal down.

Customer: replied 8 years ago.
The original complaint was that the car had no heat and the temperature gauge was pegged on hot. It sat overnight in ten degree weather before we brought it in. We cleared the codes mentioned and the gauge went to normal and the car now has heat. The owner is traveling 500 miles with this car this afternoon. Have you ever come across anything like this before and do you think she is safe traveling?

The temp gauge will stay pegged hot anytime the car overheats- or there is a temp sensor that fails. I would definately put the thermostat in it. They are a well known failure item. If you have a smoke machine- smoke the intake for the mixture faults- if not check the hoses from the crankcase vent valve and the intake air boot. If the crankcase vent valve drain hose to the dipstick tube is collapsed or leaking- replace the valve and all attached hoses. (diaphragm in the valve will fail and all the hoses will break during removal) If the intake boot is torn- lean mixture faults.

Here is a pic of the crankcase vent valve under the intake.- has the hoses coming off of it next to the throttle opening.



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Since the car may have overheated- also check the upper radiator hose- if the plastic has become brown and bubbled- (on the inside) then you should replace all of the hoses as well as the plastic coolant tubes under the intake and definately the expansion tank. The hoses deteriorate due to excess heat and plug up- allowing no / very little coolant flow through the heater core and will result in future overheating as it will be impossible to bleed the cooling system. Also- there are two definitions for P1624 for BMW .The second one is: Coolant Thermostat (Coolant Temperature Below Thermostat Regulating Temperature.) so it's most likely related to the thermostat being faulty as well.