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BMW: 83,000 miles..service engine soon light fine and I

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I have a BMW x-5 4.4i with 83,000 miles. The service engine soon light comes on with codes 26 and 27. It seems to run fine and I only use 91 octane fuel in it. The only modification to the vehicle is a K&N air filter. I think it is running too lean as long term fuel trim is 19.5 to 22 on each bank. Thank You


I'm not to sure on the fault codes you have,what type of scanner are you using.?

I think you should check the valve on the back of the inlet manifold these leak air and cause the engine light to come on.Is the oil filler cap hard to pull off or the dip stick to pull out as these normally are the faults for this valve.

Also try spraying brake/carb cleaner around the inlet and air pipes and if the engine tone changes you have a air leak.

Possible in lnlet manifold gaskets.

Hope this helps.



Customer: replied 8 years ago.

We have an OTC Genisys scanner with european 2005 software. The exact code it gives is as follows: Ox1B (27) LR - Adaptation Multiple Area 1 (Bank 2) and

Ox1A (26) LR - Adaptation Multiple Area 1

When I scan it with the global OBD II software it comes up with: P0171B Bank 1 System too Lean. It would seem like the intake is leaking to cause this problem. I will definately accept your answer Thank You

Your welcome any more info you need,just drop me aline...




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