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My 2000 323i 4-door BMW has been giving me the following OBDII

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My 2000 323i 4-door BMW has been giving me the following OBDII codes: F3 = Misfire cyl #6, E4 = O2 sensor adaption limit cyl #4-6, E3 = O2 sensor adaption limit cyl #1-3, 97 = Pre Cat O2 sensor short to ground Cyl #1-3, CA = O2 sensor control limit Cyl #1-3, CB = O2 sensor control limit Cyl #4-6, 92 EVAP capillary leak (0,5mm) detected, F0 = Misfire Cyl #3, F1 = Misfire Cyl #4, and EF = Misfire Cyl #2. I have replaced the spark plugs a month ago and it didn't seem to help much. When the car starts cold, there is diefnitely a miss, which goes away after the car warms up. i guess I should pull the plugs just after a cold start to see which ones are flooded with fuel if it an ignition fault. At that point perhaps it could be one or more of my ignition coils. I had a similar problem last year with multiple codes on my 1998 740 iL and it turned out tober a #4 cylinder ignition coil. Where do I go from here on my 323i?

Hi sounds like you have a few issues. First thing with the misfires and o2 sensor control limits sounds like you have a air leak. Very common for the intake boot from air box to throttle gets torn or cracks right around the throttle area. Your o2 sensor fault for short to ground is usally a bad o2 sensor. Evap leak can be a bad gas cap. Or may have a leak somewhere else in the system which at the dealer we use a smoke machine to fill the evap system and look for leaks as that could be many things. Thanks mike



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Customer: replied 8 years ago.
How do I check for vacuum leaks? Spray something in the area? Thanks.
Hi yes while car is running use a can of brake clean. Spray around intake and all hoses. The idle will change if a leak is found. Thanks mike
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
Thank you very much !!!
thank you
Customer: replied 8 years ago.

The problem starts just after a cold start, the first few seconds it idles fine, then there is a strong one or two cylinder miss (ro about 3 or 4 monits) and a little tapping (almost sound like backfire into the intake) in the engine compartment for a couple times. The tapping stops, the miss continues, after which the engine speeds up a little and then the idle becomes a little rough, but no distinct miss (as evident by no regular pulsing of exhaust out of the exhaust pipe. Shortly thereafter, the engine warms up and the car runs, accelates, and idles flawlessly until the next cold start.


Any more clues other than the intake manifold? I it is hard to imagine that the intake manifold or connectors heat up and stop a vacuum leak?

Hi if the car sets misfire faults I would ck the coils . The mass airflow sensor. Also wondering if there is a leaky fuel injector. Also crank valve have problem in those also. Mike
Customer: replied 8 years ago.

Actually, I just found the large elbow hose right before the throttle plate has a bad small elbow hose extension (small accordion style, very flexible). This hose is cracked and slitted (partially blown). It is about 1" in inside diameter. You have to replace the whole hose (big and small). Could this be the whole cuprit? I squeezed it a little and the idle changed and became erratic.


I am ordering a new hose.

HI yes that is the hose from the airbox to the throttle. If you read my first response thtat is what I wanted you to ck first. That will cause issues. Yes you have to buy whole hose. Thanks mike