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2001 X5: error codes..code reader..Mixture Control, off idle, Cyl #1-4

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My 2001 X5 (E53) 4.4i (M62) is displaying 7 error codes using my Peake code reader, they are the following: 1. Mixture Control, off idle, Cyl #1-4 2. Mixture control, off idle, Cyl #5-8 3. Mixture Control, idle, Cyl #1-4 4. Mixture Control, idle, Cyl#5-8, 5. Camshaft Position Sensor, Cyl #1-4, 6. Camshaft Position Sensor, Cyl #5-8 and 7. Camshaft VANOS Control, Cyl #5-8. 2 weeks ago the car threw the same codes with the exception of #7 and the engine would not run; it would start, rev to about 1800 RPM then sputter and stall. I replaced the two Camshaft position sensors and the vehicle has been running but it is emmiting a sputtering noise from the exhaust and just yesterday threw the error code Camshaft VANOS Control, Cyl #5-8, along with the other 6 error codes listed above. Since I doubt it's the Camshaft Position Sensors (just replaced) do you think I have to replace the Camshaft Adjustment Solenoid? or could this be another problem?
Can you list the code numbers for me? This will make it easier for me to research the problem that you are having.
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
Codes using my Peake FX5-3 are using table OF codes 1A, 1B, 1C, 1D, 71, 72 and 22.
The camshaft solenoids are computer controlled valves that open and close to allow oil pressure to run through them to control the advancing and retarding of the cams. The vehicle starting and sputtering is an indication that the solenoid on the left bank (cylinders 5-8) is sticking in the advanced position. This could cause all the codes that you have listed. It is not uncommon for these valves to stick due to lack of oil changes. If poor quality oil gets to run through the valve, it could bind and not move like it should. I've had to change a couple of them for this reason. The camshaft sensors are probably not at fault.

Keep in mind, though, the mixture control codes that you are getting can be (and are probably) from something else, and it may take a while to flag these codes again once the computer is reset. They won't be stored immediately. These codes tend to be from vacuum leaks (leaking intake manifold gaskets are not uncommon on these motors) or from the mass airflow sensor. Both are not uncommon.

Let me know if you have any more questions!
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
thanks but what do I do to fix this. The vehicle has regular oil changes and we always use castrol syntec as recomended. Do I replace the camshaft adjustment solenoid? Or do I actually have to replace some of the valves? Secondly, would signs of oil on the crankshaft case mean I probably have a leaky gasket.
The solenoid itself is probably bad, and it may not be your fault. They tend to go bad, just like any other moving part. You won't have to replace any of the valves, though. It's the camshaft that is moving when the soleoid is energized. There's a solenoid for each head, and the codes you have listed show that the one on the left side (driver's side) of the motor is not functioning correctly.

If you have oil anywhere on the outside of the motor, you have a gasket that is starting to get weak.
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