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I have a 04 BMW 745li that the radio and navigation ...

Customer Question

I have a 04 BMW 745li that the radio and navigation are not working. Checked fuse box in trunk and behind glovebox. Is there any other fuse panel I can check? The navigation drive power light is on, but will not eject, and indash cd will not accept CD, nor eject. Everything went out at once, so I am assuming it is a power issue.
Submitted: 9 years ago.
Category: BMW
Expert:  bmwforeman replied 9 years ago.
Good afternoon i will try to help- those are the only two fuse panels in the car, but the systems are intertwined- if the radio goes out the nav might not turn on- you need to jump out the nav portion to see if the radio comes back because they are both on the most bus(fiber optic bus) and the nav can cause the radio not to work
Customer: replied 9 years ago.
I had previously already checked your suggestion, and all the fuses in the fuse panels. Is there some way or place to check the actual radio to see if it has power, or is there some internal fusing in the amplifier, etc. that i can check? The fiberoptic cable is lit on the nav when unplugged. I tried disconnecting the battery while the nav unplugged and the only difference it made was it let me eject the disc once after i plugged the nav back in. Resetting the battery did get the indash player to eject and accept the cd, but still does not show up on the display that it is responding to either cd in or out. Bascally it is now doing what the changer had previously been doing-- ejects and hear it acting like it is trying to read the disc, but does not light up the icon on the display with or without disc. the tuner still says "select frequency" but will not go to tuner section to change stations, nor does it have static when you try to adjust volume (like if the audio section was working). If there is something else I am overlooking to check, let me know. The reason I didn't bid more for the answer is I am beginning to believe I had checked everything possible prior to my help request, and that the end result was "take it to dealer".