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96 bmw 328i: 3 fault codes..sedan

Customer Question

I have 3 fault codes on 96 bmw 328i sedan ,245 sec . air ,246 sec air and 253 shut off valve, any idea?
Submitted: 9 years ago.
Category: BMW
Expert:  MB Guru replied 9 years ago.
Remove the spare and the cover over the charcoal canister. Remove the canister and the shut off valve. Thump the canister on something clean and dense (I use a stainless tool box top) and see if debris falls out of the canister. If it does, thats the shut off problem. There is also a SI for the routing of the hose for the tank pressure sensor. That is behind the rubber for the filler neck. You pop the rubber trim off and look towards the top of the hole above and behind the gas cap. You'll see a sensor with a hose on it, make sure that hose is not kinked and or split. Again, a good scan tool such as the GT1 or autologic bmw can force the evap test to determine the systems repairs being successful.

The secondary air codes are most likely the pump itself and the backflow valve. Without a scan tool capable of activating secondary air you basiclly have 8 choices. vacuum switchover valve or vacuum hose. backflow valve, pump, upstream O2's, plugged passages in the head, relay or DME.

You can manually activate the pump by jumping poser and ground to the pumps connector. When the car is stone cold and IF the pump runs, you can check for vacuum to the backflow valve. From there you could take a generic scanner, monitor O2 sensor pids and manually activate the pump and use a hand vacuum pump to open the backflow valve. If the O2's slam under 40 mv then the system works for the most part.

Thats doing this the hard way.