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1988 735i: Radio Code..BMW..paper, would mechanics have that set

Customer Question

I used to have a generic Radio Code for my 1988 735i BMW, You had to leave the radio on for three hours, then put in the code, but I lost that piece of paper, would mechanics have that set of numbers?
Submitted: 9 years ago.
Category: BMW
Expert:  bmwforeman replied 9 years ago.
Good evening- i will try to help as best as possible.This code was not a generic code it was specifically for your radio.If you enter the correct code the first time you should not bneed to wait.Only after inputing the wrong code should it be neccessary to wait.The only place to get them is from bmw.If you remove the radio and get the serial number you can retrieve the code- if you would like to reply with the sr no and what brand radio i will be glad to help, Hope this helps-Remember you can always reply to this answer after accepting it-