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Smoking BMW 98 740iL

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My car has been parked for a few months. Now it smokes, oil smoke, when I start it each morning. Also is I sit a idle very long it smokes badly. I followed my wife driving it about 50 miles and it did not smoke when normal driving only as mentioned above. Is this fixable without removing the engine. It reminds me of older style vale seals on Chevys that would allow oil to leake down the valve stem when parked. I have never worked on a BMW so I don''t know if this comparison is revelant info.

Good afternoon-i will try to be as helpful as possible- the condition that you are describing is most likely caused by a faulty crankcase vent valve.It is located on the rear of the intke manifold.It's purpose is to seperate oil vapors produced during engine operation from the actual oil in liquid form.The liquid oil is meant to drain back down into the oil pan.Overtime these valves fail, and the oil is sent into the intake causing the oil burning.You need to start there, by removing the intake(to gain enough access to replace vent valve) replace valve and clean the intake out completely of any oil-Hope this is helpful- remember you can always reply after accepting this answer- good luck

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