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Does my 2004 745Li have satellite radio capability and, if ...

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Does my 2004 745Li have satellite radio capability and, if so, how do I enable it?

Most likely your BMW does not have it installed, if there is no reference to it on the AM/FM/Aux switching.


To receive Sirius Satellite Radio in a BMW, three main components are needed:

1. Activated Sirius Satellite Receiver.

2. Satellite Antenna.

3. Sirius Compatible Audio System.

The SIRIUS Satellite Receiver is a module that mounts in the rear of the vehicle.

The receiver is unique to BMW and specifically designed to work only with Sirius Satellite Radio technology, integrating seamlessly into the BMW bus system.

The receiver module deciphers the satellite signal and converts it into an audio signal that is then sent to the vehicle's audio system.

The receiver will have a test channel to make sure the receiver is functioning.

The receiver must be activated to receive complete SIRIUS programming.

The BMW center activates the receiver via BMW CenterNet or a call center.

The Satellite Antenna mounts on the roof on most models, and on the trunk of others.

Due to the technology of satellite radio transmissions, the antenna must be on a metal surface of a predefined area.

The antenna can't be mounted on vertical or glass surfaces. The SIRIUS antenna system is developed specifically for each model and has to be mounted in the pre-approved location. If the antenna is not
mounted in the BMW-approved location, customers may experience a significant decrease in reception quality.

Once the satellite radio receiver and its components have been installed and activated, selecting SIRIUS on the radio display is easy.

Use the "Mode" button to select the satellite radio mode (example: AM/FM/CD/ or SIRIUS Satellite Radio.) Like FM or AM radio, it is possible to scan and to set presets with SIRIUS.

The radio display can show the channel name, channel number, artist and song title.

Many current BMW vehicles ARE NOT compatible with Sirius receiver technology.

Production changes have been implemented in MY2003 so that vehicles will be compatible with an accessory installation.

Retrofitting earlier models will be possible on most vehicles with an in-dash CD radio from vehicle production start 9/01. Refer to the Electronic Portal on BMW CenterNet for more information.

To be compatible, these vehicles will require replacement of the original radio. The customer has to pay for the radio replacement/upgrade.

NOTE : SIRIUS Satellite Radio from BMW will not be compatible with the Z3 roadster/coupe, Z8 and E38 models.

A SIRIUS Satellite Radio Compatibility Chart can be found on BMW Group CenterNet, Electronic Accessory Information Portal.


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Customer: replied 9 years ago.
Love the information; however, referring me to the BMW CenterNet did me no good since I cannot access that particular site without a password. And they are not going to give me that since I am just a BMW owner and not working for the dealer. Is there any other way to get that info short of having to deal with the dealer. Since this is the internet, there should be some way to get the info.
Sorry about the CenterNet, but not know exactly which radio you have will make it even more difficult on the Internet, because not all BMW radios are adaptable, so that is why the dealer would need to be involved. If you don't have a compatible radio, then you would need to find a BMW Radio with XM Unit & Antenna & the likelyhood of finding that used on -line will be very slim.
Not trying to spend your money, but I would want the dealer to check the system first, give there $$ estimate & then perhaps check a FM or Direct wired XM outboard unit