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I have an old gun I'd like you to look at. The bag of

Customer Question

I have an old gun I'd like you to look at. The bag of paraphernalia is more impressive with 1825 marked on them. I'll tell you what I was told about the items.
1. Buffalo hoof -measured powder
2. Mold with 1825 engraved on it, was used to mold the balls for bullets.
3. Bees wax (still wrapped up in an old piece of material.
4. Ram rod- packs the powder into the gun
5. Powder horn- it has drawings in several places, also an initial and a name, Samuel Harpley
6. Ladle- used to heat the lead before molding the bullets. It also has a date engraved on it of 1825 and a name, Oliver Jones
7. A green Hicks percussion Caps tin. I can't open it but it rattles with something.
8. An old cloth bag that I guess he carried all this in.
The gun was given to my late husband. I remember his uncle gave it to him, probably 30 or so years ago and told him something about Samuel Harpley who was on the Jones side, went up Red River in Arkansas and had it made. He was his great or great, great grandfather. I don't know if he meant Samuel Harpley or my husband's uncle. My husband's uncle was a Jones.
Thank you,
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Blue Book of Guns, Firearms Appraisals

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