Will winterizing lower my heating bills?

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December 10, 2013

Q: What percentage can I expect my heating bill to drop if I put plastic sealer on my windows, foam self stick seals on my doors, and use spray foam insulator to plug up cracks in my walls.

A: You can generally save 5 to 10% on heating costs by taking those simple and generally inexpensive steps: weather stripping, sealing cracks where air can infiltrate into the house and adding a layer of plastic over windows. The low end would be if the house is already fairly tight and you have Thermopane windows. The higher end if you have a lot of air leaks and single pane windows.

If you want to do more like making sure your attic is insulated well and getting your furnace cleaned and tuned, you could add to your savings. These are both relatively inexpensive as well.


- Answer from Rick, a general contractor on JustAnswer


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