Will a cease-and-desist order ruin my hair salon?

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Q: I got a cease-and-desist letter for doing hair without a license. (It's from the State Board of Cosmetology in South Carolina.) What should I do now?

A: This is not a mere letter; it's an order. The board has reason to believe you are practicing without a license. If that is not true, get your proofs of licensing together and consider sending proof back to the board via certified mail.

However, if it is true, note that you are being cut a break, most likely, if you do in fact stop doing hair/cosmetology now, until such time as you meet the licensing requirements. They clearly believe they have reason to believe you are violating, and they almost assuredly will come after you if you don't comply. It could be that someone tattled -- a disgruntled associate or customers, perhaps.

You can avoid prosecution by stopping immediately and getting your license. I realize it is a hassle, but these licensing agencies mean business and can turn your life upside down if you don't comply.

-- Answer from Alexia Esq., an attorney on JustAnswer

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