Why every bride should hire a wedding planner

By Adraina R. Parsons

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As a Expert wedding planner, I'm very used to couples asking why they should bother hiring somebody like me to help with their marital ceremonies and celebrations.

Here are some of the reasons I offer in response:

You save time and leg work

Essentially, wedding planners have already put in their time and a lot of leg work on scoping out vendors, weeding out the great ones and the not so great. We know exactly what to look for and we have often times been able to sample their products or services. This takes a great deal of time!

We also have a preferred list of vendors whom we know will deliver exceptional service for two reasons: They are the best at what they do and they know we -- also known as the "gatekeepers" -- will continue to refer business to them. So this keeps them very competitive and yet also very compromising.

No detail is too small!

To hire a wedding planner will definitely help everything tie in together. And I'm not just talking about if the tablecloths match the chair ties. Expert wedding planners must always configure the logistics of your space or venue. We have to make sure that there is enough space for the catering area so there is adequate traffic flow for guests so that they do not block doorways or entryways and not bump the cake table.

Trust me, it sounds simple; but when that day comes, no detail is too small.

Your guests don't need work

No one wants to burden their wedding party or their guests with trying to figure all of this out. The guests have come to enjoy this special day with you, so it wouldn't be fair to put them to work.

And never, I mean NEVER, should a bride be the director at her own wedding! I have been there and would not recommend it at all! There are just too many things to think about, and this is the worst day to stress about details. You must look beautiful for all of those candid shots!

Experience counts and brings savings

A Expert wedding planner has coordinated and directed several weddings and events, so they know exactly what is going to happen before it happens. Plain and simple it just comes down to experience.

And yes, a wedding planner can definitely save you money. While you are at work or school or just out enjoying yourself, your wedding planner is making deals to make your day extra special. A planner's job to help you design your whole wedding and to also be there on the day of your wedding.

Shop around

I understand how important your wedding budget is, so what I would suggest is finding planners who are willing to modify their services for you. To help you find one who best suits your needs, try using these sites:

The effort you spend in finding the right wedding planner for you could pay big rewards in making your wedding celebration very special and memorable.