Why does the water in my pool look milky?

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Q: I have a swimming pool which I am just starting up for the summer. The pool is clean, well-balanced with correct chlorine and pH readings. I am using 3 in 1 tablets, but the pool water is "milky" and will not clear despite running the pump five times in 24 hours.

A: "Milky" is the color of bleached-out algae. I presume you had some algae and shocked the pool. You will need to wash your filter every 6 hours for the first 24 hours. This bleached algae is capable of being forced through the filter media, so you need to clean the filter before it gets coated, after which additional algae forces the coated algae through the media.

Frequent filter cleanings are the answer here. There are water clarifiers which cause the minute particles to clump, preventing them from being forced through the filter media. And a special filter cleaner to remove the clarifier from the media after it gets stuck to it.

-- Answer from Stephen Cutler, home improvement Expert on JustAnswer.

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