Why does my boyfriend ignore my texts?

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Q: What should I do? My boyfriend is in France and never answers calls when he's abroad. I texted him this morning because I had introduced him to a friend of mine who wanted his cell number for work. He replied that he would contact him when he's back. What should I do -- just wait for him to text me? I don't know if he's missing me, and I'm scared he won't text back.

A: When people go away it gives them time to think. People are out of their natural element, so they tend to feel different. This would be a good time to show him you want to be a part of his life, and he should show you how much he wants to be a part of yours.

I would start by texting small, kind messages. Like this: "France must be so beautiful. I'm so happy that you get to see such an amazing place." The reason for simple positive messages is to just share each other's day. This way you both begin to develop a connection.

Don't be scared; when you love someone you have to take risks. You want him to be thinking of you while he is there. Even if he doesn't respond, that's OK. It is important he just gets the message.

Just give him time. He might be busy or settling in. Or he might be thinking what to say.

-- Answer from Debra Hammond, an advice columnist on JustAnswer.

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