Why do my car's wheels screech in a hard turn?

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Q: The front tires on my 2005 Hyundai Tucson screech occasionally when turned to maximum.  The tires are Kelly Charger GT 235/16 and in very good condition. The car was purchased used 3 weeks ago, and when I took it into the dealer to check, the screeching did not happen.  What could it be?

A: The problem could be an alignment issue. If the alignment is out of adjustment it will cause the tires to screech, especially for turns on glossy surfaces. To accurately know if the alignment is good or not, the car should be inspected with a computerized alignment machine.  Other signs of alignment problems are unusual tire wear, steering wheel off center, or vehicle pulls to one side while driving.

If you get the alignment checked and the screeching persists, then it's the tires. I think at that point I would wait until the tires wear out then replace with another brand of tires.

The final possible source could be tire pressure. If you have a tire pressure gauge, check pressure in the morning before driving the car; you want them to be at 32 psi when they're cold. You could try adjusting it up to 34 and see if the screeching goes away.

-- Answer from Ahmed Ibraheem, master auto technician on JustAnswer.