What's the right climate to grow raspberries?

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Q: What is the suitable temperature for a raspberry to grow?

A: There are a variety of temperature zones that raspberries can grow in. Certain ones do better in colder climates, some do better in warmer climates. One thing is common, though: All raspberries need a few months' time where they can go dormant and their flower buds can develop. Usually this means that the temperatures must go below 40 degrees for a certain number of hours (called degree days). Raspberries usually need a few hundred hours below 40 degrees.

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On the other end of the spectrum, raspberries can withstand pretty cold temperatures (many degrees below 0 degrees Fahrenheit). If you live someone where it gets cool in the winter, then you should be able to grow raspberries. If you live somewhere it doesn't get below 40 in the winter, then you should probably look for a more tropical or subtropical fruit.

-- Answer from George C. Murray, an arborist in Indiana and Expert on JustAnswer.