What's the best odor-reducing shampoo for dogs?

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Q: What is the strongest odor reduction shampoo for a dog?

A: I would get a medicated shampoo from your vet. Perhaps something with benzoyl peroxide, which is a good degreasing type of shampoo and deep follicular flushing action.

I would also consider a shampoo with anti-yeast properties. If there is any active skin infection, especially yeast, that can contribute to odor.

Here's a great product line to look into: Duoxo Shampoos. I believe some of these shampoos can be purchased even at Amazon.com.

But it could be worth a vet visit, as a strong persistent odor does suggest a underlying skin issue to be addressed as well. I hope the information has been helpful.

-- Answer from Dr. Andy, a veterinarian on JustAnswer.

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