What should I do if my son is being bullied?

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Q: Our good family friends have an 8-year-old son, Joe, who is the same age as our son, Bob. They go to the same school and have been good friends. However, for some time Joe has been bullying Bob and making life difficult for him—openly putting him down and turning other boys against him. As parents, we don’t know what to do. Should we discuss it with our friends? Can they really do anything?

A: If you have a solid relationship with Joe’s parents, then it’s a good idea to discuss the situation with them. His parents may be totally unaware this is going on. If they’re willing, you all may want to have a talk with the boys together to get to the bottom of the problem. There may be more to the situation than you realize.

However, if you approach Joe's parents and they don’t see a problem, then the best course of action at that point would be to keep your son away from Joe. Bob does not need a bully as a friend. That is not a true friend.

- Answer from proexpert37, an Educator and Life Coach on Justanswer.com.