What is the safest sedan sold today?

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Q: What is the safest car on the market? I'm a senior looking for a sedan or luxury sedan (2012 or 2013 model) that is safest in terms of air bags, crash protection, and fewer blind spots.

A: The highest rated vehicle in that class is the Lincoln MKS, both 2012 and 2013 models.

This is based upon front, side, rear, and rollover impact crash protection and airbag deployments, as well as least amount of blind spots, braking distances and handling, skid recovery, and wet/icy road condition handling.

The ratings were based upon studies by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, Consumer Reports, and the National Highway Safety Administration. The 2012-13 Lincoln MKS had the highest combined safety ratings among these studies by the three leading institutes that rate vehicle safety.

-- Answer from Eric Q., automotive repair technician on JustAnswer.

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