What to do if your cat frequently burps

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Q: My 4-year-old Tonkinese cat is burping with increased frequency, quite loudly and after every feeding. I feed him Taste of the Wild kibble (one can a day in two feedings), which he loves, and add water to soften his food. Should I be worried?

A: Burping is not a common event with cats. I would recommend trying some over-the-counter medications initially to see if it solves the burping. You could try Pepcid AC 10mg: 1/2 tablet by mouth every 12 hours for 7 days.

Burping could be secondary to an upset stomach or more pressing issues, so if it doesn't resolve I definitely wouldn't wait to take him to your local vet for a thorough physical exam and abdominal X-rays and blood work.

-- Answer from Dr. Aaron, a veterinarian on JustAnswer.

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