What to do if one male cat bullies another

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Q: My male Siamese cat ("Mitzu") has started preening, entire body, excessively since we adopted another, younger male cat 6 months ago. Both have been spayed. It appears the younger, larger cat is attempting domination and my Siamese is staying in one part of the house, hiding. I don't wish to give up the new cat. Is there a solution?

A: It sounds like he is pulling out his hair due to anxiety and stress. You could get a prescription of anti-anxiety medication from a veterinarian. It may be helpful to put the new cat in a room for a few hours a day. So Mitzu feels like he can come out and be around you, without being attacked.

Try to give the new cat lots of exercise. Buy one of those stick toys with a string and a toy at the end. You can also get a laser pointer and shine it around the room so he chases it. The new cat has a desire to play and hunt. If you can let the new cat take out some of his energy on toys, it will reduce the desire to bother the older cat.

You can also try Feliway spray or plug-ins. They are an analog of the scent cats emit when they are calm and happy. They sell them at pet stores. 

-- Answer from Dr. Gabby, a veterinarian on JustAnswer.

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