What is a 1952 Yankees World Series watch worth?

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Q: I have a 1952 Yankees World Series pocket watch; the maker is Elgin. It's in perfect condition and still works. There is a monogram with my father's initials. What do you think the watch is worth?

A: Here is what I found out about your watch: The watch was a gift from Yankee ownership. If it is the same watch as the photo I posted (left), it was made in 1952, after the NY Yankees' World Series win over the Brooklyn Dodgers. Joe DiMaggio had the exact one, except his was a Wittnauer watch, and yours is an Elgin. That doesn't matter much though, because they were (and still are), excellent brand-name watches.

The case is steel nickel-plated. It may or may not be engraved on the back.

Usually monograms devalue a piece, but as far as your father's monogram on it goes, I don't think the collectors would really even care about a monogram because the watch is so sacred to loyal Yankees fans. Depending who your father is/was, it may or may not make the piece even more valuable, but not less valuable.

Lastly, these are extremely hard to come by. The retail or resale value of your watch would be estimated between $1,500 and $2,500.

-- Answer from Diane in PA, researcher and seller of antiques & collectibles.

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