Ways to remove glue from your cat's fur

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Q: My cat got tangled up with an adhesive bug strip and now her belly fur is all gunky and stuck together. I tried soap and water, but it made the situation worse and now she's hiding under the bed. How can I safely remove the adhesive?

A: If the adhesive is not very close to the skin, you can try to clip it out with scissors if she will sit still long enough. Just be very careful not to clip too close to the skin. An electric shaver would be safer to use, but the loud sound my freak her out more.

Using a heavy-duty soap, like Lava Hand Soap, can help to remove adhesive better than regular soap. Of course, if she is stressed out from the previous rinsing, just let her relax and try again later when she calms down. The adhesive on the skin now won't hurt her.

Interesting, you can use olive oil, peanut butter, and dish soap to remove adhesive from the fur as well. I know it's odd, but I actually used it for my dog's coat when she got stuck on one of these adhesive traps, and it worked well.  It takes a lot more work, but you can find instructions here.

-- Answer from Texas Veterinarian, a Expert on JustAnswer.

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