Ways to help a young rabbit that can't open its eye

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Q: I have a 5-week-old mini lop bunny. Some mornings her eye is closed over, but after bathing in warm salty water the eye is fine for a couple of days. Later, it happens again. There is no discharge from the eye; otherwise the rabbit is in excellent health. What's wrong?

A: This problem is quite common in young rabbits, especially in the lop breeds. You are taking an appropriate first-aid measure.

However, I would add an additional step. Once the eye opens from the warm salt water, use saline solution (the mild type for contact lenses) 4-5 times per day. Doing this consistently often keeps the eye open.

This problem usually resolves by the time the bunny is 8-10 weeks old. If it hasn't cleared up by then, it would be best to see your vet.

-- Answer from Anna N., a biologist and rabbit breeder on JustAnswer.

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