True or False: Open the windows during a hurricane

By Carolyn Hauck

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With a few months left in hurricane season and some category 4s now behind us, we’re looking to dispel one of the most common misconceptions in hurricane preparedness: opening windows.

If you have a basic understanding of physics, opening windows to relieve outside pressure on the house makes sense. It sounds like the right thing to do; but is it?

Nope, it’s not. Because your biggest problem during a hurricane isn’t pressure from the outside, it’s wind. Your windows will break from wind well before the pressure of the storm will get close enough to your house. And with the windows open, heavy rain and winds will find a violent way into your house, but also need to find a violent way out, causing damage along the way. Besides, all structures are not completely air-tight. Any sort of vent or small opening will release pressure. We put this one to a Home Improvement Expert and without a doubt, Rick replied, “You need to keep those windows closed.”


Final verdict? False. Windows should not be opened during a hurricane.