True of False: It is dangerous for dogs to eat acorns

By Jessica

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The arrival of Autumn brings with it the beautiful fall leaves, cooler temps and the falling of acorns from the trees. Acorns were one of the mainstays of the Native American diet, being used in soups, porridges and even bread. The nutrition available to them through acorns allowed them to live a nutritious life without having to develop agriculture. Nowadays, foraging for acorns seems to be something our four legged friends get into more so than our next door neighbors. While these cone shaped beauties were vital to Native American survival, what is their impact on our canine friend’s digestive systems?

Turns out acorns are dangerous for dogs to eat. They are not toxic, but the acorn caps are a somewhat common cause of GI obstruction. They can get lodged in a certain orientations and completely block the passage of ingesta through the GI tract.

If your dog has eaten an acorn you may want to look for signs of obstruction which  include vomiting, lethargy, abdominal pain (seen with restlessness, unable to settle, stretching into the play bow). If your dog seems to have any of these symptoms, it would be a good idea to have your dog evaluated by a vet. Typically your vet would start with a physical exam and x-ray of the abdomen.


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