Top symptoms you'll find in a kitten with worms

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Q: My kittens are 5 weeks old. A few of them have loose stools, and one just vomited foam. What can I do for them? (They are eating kitten chow and have not been dewormed.)

A: The most common cause for diarrhea and vomiting in young kittens is worms. Kittens are born with worms and in many cases you will not see them until they have a really heavy load. Coccidia and giardia, which are microscopic protozoa, are also common in kittens.

I would start with having a fecal sample done through your vet, in many cases we will just collect a small amount from each kitten and send it for one test. Make sure this is sent to the lab and not done in the vet's office. If you want to try deworming at home, do not use over the counter products that contain piperazine, as this can have side effects. If you want to get dewormer over the counter, Nemex is carried at most pet stores. Get more information about Nemex and dosing.

You can try adding some boiled rice to their food to help firm the stool as well.

-- Answer from Candy R., veterinary technician on JustAnswer.

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