Simple cleaning ideas for 3 types of floors

By Tom Musbach

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Spring often puts people in a mood to clean. It's a good time to make parts of your home look like new -- especially the floors.

Various experts on JustAnswer have offered tips on cleaning floors that can help you clean three types of flooring -- tile, hardwood, and carpet.

Cleaning tile and grout floors

"House Doc" Gus Sniller has installed many ceramic tile floors, and he claims that cleaning products from TEC work very well. He suggests using one of three different products: Like New, Renew, and Tile & Grout Cleaner.

"They all work equally well, with the Like New working the best," he said. "You can adjust the concentrate mixture depending on the severity of the cleaning required. I have used it to remove floors covered with tree sap and dirt."

Another Expert, known as the Silicon Savant, recommended using citric acid, which you can buy at drugstores or supermarkets. "About 1 cup of the citric acid mixed with 1.5 gallons of hot water is a typical mixture," he said.

Cleaning hardwood floors

Many people try a mixture of vinegar and water, but it usually doesn't do the trick.

"Make sure that you use the proper cleaners," said home-improvement expert Charles. "If your floor has a urethane varnish, you need to use polyurethane cleaners so that the varnish is not damaged."

"If you fail to do this and damage the varnish, the luster of your hardwood surface is going to go out the door. Hardwood by itself is not that shiny and the sooner you remember that, the better off your floor will be," he added.

Another Expert, Rick T., recommended this no-bucket product for convenience and good results.

Getting rid of stubborn carpet stains

The longer you let stains go untended, the harder they are to clean away. The tips below for eliminating two types of common stains might inspire you.

Eric M. Bright offered this suggestion for getting rid of an old coffee stain: "Make a solution of vinegar and club soda and dab at the stain with that. If that does not work for you, you may be able to remove the stain by using dry-cleaning solvent. Blot until the stain had faded as much as it is going to fade."

For a grease stain, like bacon, Patrick G. recommended these steps: "Try Dawn dishwashing liquid. Use a teaspoon in a quart of water and get a clean white cloth. Soak the cloth and squeeze the cloth but leave it wet. Blot the spot, do not rub. Work up a bit of lather and then use a clean damp cloth to lift the soap solution out. Blot dry with a dry towel by placing the towel on the spot and step on it to dry. Allow to dry. You may need to repeat."

Maintain your floors with simple techniques and products that can help clean and polish them to renew your home this spring.