Shadows are scaring my cat; what could be wrong?

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Q: A week ago my cat became frightened by the shadow of a fan, and since then is scared of everything. I'm worried because it has been a week already.  He is otherwise fine, but I'm worried. Does he need medication or should I wait it out?

A: I think I would take him to a vet and have his eyes checked. There is a possibility that he is having issues with his vision. That can come on suddenly. He may also have an issue with his hearing.

Both of those issues could make him nervous and afraid. Or he could be having pain somewhere. Since it has been going on this long, I would take him to a vet in the next few days.

If everything seems completely normal medically, then he could be put on anti-anxiety medication in the short term. Hopefully it would be short-term.

-- Answer from Dr. Gabby, a veterinarian on JustAnswer.

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