Settling a groom vs. best man feud over guests

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Q: My son asked his brother to be the best man at his wedding. However, my son doesn't want his brother's girlfriend to attend because of past bad blood. The best man says he will not attend if his girlfriend is not welcome. What is the best solution?

A: The best solution is for your son (the groom) to put aside the past bad-blood feelings for the sake of his brother. He should respect the fact that his brother is not going to cause additional strife in his own personal life by telling his girlfriend that she is not welcome at the wedding. His girlfriend would view this as her being disrespected and his not standing up for her with his own family.

Just because she comes to the wedding does not mean that they have to interact with each other. Hopefully, they can be bigger people and put aside their difference for the sake of the celebration.

I know there are always extenuating circumstances that are not known to me, but hopefully the groom can set his feelings aside and allow his brother to be his best man and have that memory forever.

-- Answer from Weddings Tam, a wedding and event planner on JustAnswer.

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