Screens for swing-out windows to keep bugs out

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Q: I'm having a mosquito problem in my apartment. I like to leave the windows open for ventilation, but they open out (swing out rather than slide up/down), so I don't know how to jerry rig a screen to cover the windows. Is there something I can buy or make to solve this problem for me?

A: The windows you have are called "casement" if they swing to the side, or "awnings" if they swing up. These windows typically have screens that mount to the inside of the window. They may have been stored, misplaced, or damaged.

If you cannot find them, you can try to find out the manufacturer of the window and buy replacement screens or you can have a screen company make them for you. You can also take dimensions yourself and bring them to a local hardware stores and they can make some for you.

-- Answer from Brian S., architect on JustAnswer.