R&R or ER? Paws Full of Pine Pitch

By Jessica

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Changing of seasons bring a whole new set of issues for pet owners. Recently my dog Brisket was incessantly licking his front paw. When I inspected his paw it was apparent that he had gotten pine pitch stuck between his pads. If your dog is anything like mine, adventurous and one for traveling off the beaten path, you are familiar with how many things can get stuck in their paws. This wasn’t the first time he had stepped in pine pitch but it was the first time it has caused a sore to develop. I asked a Vet Tech on JustAnswer if this was something I could treat on my own or if I needed to take him to the Vet for additional assistance. Candy told me Brisket could have caused the sore in the process of trying to lick or gnaw off any remaining pine pitch. She recommended I shave around the wound, if possible, and clean twice daily with a wound scrub (think Betadine) diluted with water until it reaches the color of tea. I followed this with an application of an antibiotic ointment such as Neosporin, as directed. I had to prevent Brisket from licking his paw either by strict observation, boot or cone. She told me if the sore got worse or it showed no sign of improvement after 3 days I should bring him to the vet.

Luckily, Brisket’s paw was fully healed in three days so the at-home treatment was a success not only for Brisket but also my wallet.

Expert Verdict: A little R&R was all we needed but always a good idea to keep your eyes open and your Vet’s number handy.

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