Repairing a broken Christmas ornament

By Jessica

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Q: I have 30-year-old Christmas ornament that broke this year. I have the pieces and will be gluing it back together. I want to put it in a block of acrylic or plastic like people do with baseballs. Are there home kits I can use for this? I really want to preserve this sentimental ornament.

A: You’ll want to use medical-grade acrylic. It’s a bit pricey (approx. $60.00/ qt.), but it’s the best I’ve found. There are other "kits" out there but none that will give you the results that this will.

You will also need a mold with smooth sides to do the casting in, like a plastic or Formica mold, and you’ll need to wax the mold multiple times with car wax.

Lastly, you’ll need mold release to get an end result with smooth sides. You can buy mold release at the hardware store; if they don’t stock it, they can order it for you.


- Answer from The Home Smithy, a Home Improvement Expert on JustAnswer

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