A puppy visit for the holidays; what to do

By Jessica

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Q: I have a dog and when my sister’s family visits for the holidays they’re going to bring their two new beagle puppies! My dog goes berserk when little dogs even pass the house. What am I going to do?

A: Of course, my suggestion is going to be to keep her separated from the puppies. Especially since beagle puppies are notoriously rambunctious, there is going to be big potential for her to get upset with them.

When they first arrive, have her out in the yard to meet them. Keep her on a leash so you can pull her away if she gets too rough or upset.

Once inside, make sure she has a safe separate/enclosed area she can escape to so she can be by herself if the puppies start to annoy her. Do you have pet gates or crates around? These work well here and are also a good idea for dogs around large groups of people.

Also, make sure not to scold her for a little growling. It’s her dog way of saying that she needs some space! And the puppies speak her language, so (hopefully) they’ll get the message and back off.

- Answer from Lisa, a veterinarian technician on JustAnswer

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