Profiles in caring: Rafael Morales

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Rafael Morales is a Expert integral psychotherapist and psychologist, and he is one of the featured caring Experts in the JustAnswer Relationship Care Package.

His answers to the questions below reveal fine insights into what makes relationships work at a basic level.

JustAnswer: How would you describe your occupation?

Rafael Morales: Supporting people to understand, cope with, and enjoy their lives is my passion and a number one priority in my life, after my family. It's what I do the best, and from where I find real meaning and joy, supporting people shape their own, unique healing, fulfillment, and growth paths.

What's your biggest relationship pet peeve?

One of the biggest complaints people in relationships have is about trust and compatibility issues.

Finish this sentence: The single most important thing that makes a relationship last is ...

... caring, mutual respect.
What's the biggest issue or concern people have today related to dating?

Concerns around lack of compatibility. Not having compatible personalities, life styles, values, priorities, and expectations.

When dating someone new, what form of communication do you think is best (phone, e-mail, text, in-person, etc.)?

If I have to choose one, it would be face-to-face communication. But I think the best is a combination of in-person, email, and chat messages. The more you communicate, the better.

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