Profiles in caring: Jen Kelman

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Jen ("CoachJenK" onsite) is a licensed Master Social Worker, a certified life coach, author, and entrepreneur. She also is a featured Expert on the JustAnswer Relationship Care Package.

Her wise and practical approach to building good relationships is apparent in her answers below.

JustAnswer: What wise quote or saying do you think is most helpful for romantic relationships?

CoachJenK: Never go to bed angry.

Finish this sentence: The single most important thing that makes a relationship last is ...


What's the best type of first date?

Going out for dinner where you can talk and learn about the other person.

When dating someone new, what form of communication do you think is best (phone, e-mail, text, in-person, etc.)?

Too much emphasis is placed on text and email, and people find themselves saying things through these media that they wouldn't say face to face. Real relating and dealing with things occur when people are together, and I believe we need to go back to this way of relating to cultivate and sustain relationships.

What's your biggest relationship pet peeve?

Inconsideration of feelings.

What's your favorite romantic movie or novel?

The Notebook.

What's the most common complaint or problem people turn to you for advice on related to dating?

The most common complaint is lack of honesty among people when they meet -- whether it's an outdated photo or their real relationship status.

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