Prepping your home and garden for the arriving of fall

By Jessica

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The days are starting to shorten and the evenings might be chillier than just a week ago. In no time, the leaves will be changing and we will be in the middle of fall. While preparations for fall are significantly easier than those we all do for winter, it seemed prudent to share a few tricks from a Home Improvement Expert on JustAnswer. Rick the Contractor recommends that you clean the gutters of your home once the leaves are off the trees. When asked about waterproofing windows, Rick said there shouldn’t be any action taken unless your windows need to be painted.

If you are wondering about your garden for the fall season, there are some preparations you can make for winter but you have time. Most of the prep you need to do will take place mid to late fall instead of at the end of summer. Early fall is a good time to plant new shrubs or perennials if you are looking for additional vegetation in your garden. If your fall seasons tends to be wet and rainy, this will give your new plantings a solid start before the winter months arrive.

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