Options for streaming Netflix on your TV

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Q: How do I connect our Sony TV (kdl-40s5100) to Netflix? I have a BluRay player and HD cable receiver, but no game consoles.

A: OK, the bad news first: With your current setup, you cannot stream Netflix to your TV. I've double checked individual specifications for the BDP and the TV -- it's a no go.

Good news: There is a relatively inexpensive component called a Roku streaming player that will allow you to stream Netflix to your Sony. Not only that, but you can watch some HBO programming (called HBO Go) and play games like Angry Birds. There are lots more features, too.

The Roku boxes start at around $50, but the $80 or $100 models stream in full 1080p, which will allow you to take full advantage of your Sony's resolution.

Alternately, you can look into a gaming console like the PS3 or Xbox 360. Both have Netflix capability.

-- Answer from Dan T., electronics instructor on JustAnswer.

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