My rabbit has a crusty nose. What's wrong?

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Q: My rabbit has a crusty nose. I thought it was blood, but when I wiped her nose the substance was yellow. She seems a little stuffed up -- I would call it "heavy sniffing." She's eating fine, but not hopping around quite as much.

A: It sounds like an upper respiratory infection, to which rabbits are very susceptible. It can be caused by different bacteria, but there's also a chance of allergies, dental disease, or a condition called syphilis.

I highly recommend you take her for a vet exam. Rabbits can deteriorate quickly so you don't want to wait. If you don't know of a rabbit vet in your area, you can search on these sites:

Make sure you see someone who deals with rabbits often. Rabbits are not like dogs or cats and need to be treated differently. For instance, a commonly prescribed antibiotic for upper respiratory conditions in cats can kill a rabbit.

-- Answer from Dr. G, a bird and exotic animal veterinarian on JustAnswer.