My dog ate chicken bones. Will she be OK?

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Q: My dog, a 22-lb. Sheltie, ate about 5 chicken-wing bones (cooked). Will she be OK? What should I do?

A: The first thing we worry about when we hear of a dog that ate chicken bones is the possibility of an obstruction or puncture. Cooked chicken bones tend to splinter when they're chewed, so when a dog gets into them it can cause some serious problems that require surgery to repair.

You cannot make the dog vomit with peroxide, because if the bones splintered on the way down, then you run the risk of a bone puncturing the digestive tract on the way out.

As long as she is acting normally and doesn't show any signs of an obstruction (problems defecating, not eating, lethargy, sore abdomen, trying to vomit with no success), then she should be just fine. Keep an eye on her for two days or so, watching for those particular signs. If she exhibits any of the signs I mentioned, you should have her seen by a vet.

-- Answer from Lisa Lepak, veterinary technician on JustAnswer.