My blog had a security breach. How do I repair it?

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Q: Our blog appears to have been blocked. It looks very strange and has a pirate icon at the bottom. We are no longer able to log into WordPress. How do I repair this?

A: I highly suggest that you contact your hosting company, since this hacking is a security breach in your Web hosting server. Most Web hosting companies (my websites are hosted at Hostgator) do a regular backup of your site.

Please contact them and ask them to reload the most recent backup of your site so that the traces of the hacker will be removed and your access to the WordPress portal for administration will be restored.

I believe that since your site could be in a "shared" hosting environment, other sites hosted in the same server could have been hacked and altered as well, so your hosting company may have a real hard time doing the fixes and deploying more security layer to their server to protect you, their customer. Also, depending on the actual number of hosted sites in the hacked server, the recovery could take some time. But if your hosting company have a regular backup, then rest assured that your website can be rolled out to its working and safe status few days ago.

-- Answer from Jess M., computer specialist on JustAnswer.

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