The JustAnswer Curiosity Report: Spring 2022

By laura.cox

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Dogs, Electric Cars, Baby Formula, Home Improvement and Taxes Among Top Trending Topics for JustAnswer Experts This Spring 

This spring, especially in comparison to the same time last year, people increasingly turned to JustAnswer for professional advice on everything from their pets (especially pandemic puppies) to home appliances, electric cars and infant baby formula. And, just like every year, JustAnswer got the usual rush of taxpayer queries in the run-up to the IRS filing deadline, but with a few specific topics rearing their head in particular this year. 

Top Trending Topics by Question Volume: Spring 2022 

The usual tax season crunch - with a twist. 

  • Spring is tax season of course, and this year JustAnswer saw the usual spike in conversations with our tax experts, answering nearly 30,000 questions in just March and April alone, a 194% increase over other months in the year. And perhaps due to confusion over pandemic-related issues like the Advance Child Care Credit and repayment of PPP loans, tax questions actually rose 11% YOY compared to 2021 in April. 

Pet-adopted pets – particularly puppies – are keeping JA experts busy. 

  • Questions in the “dogs” category are up a whopping 354% over the same time in 2021, which might correlate with the increased return to work for newbie owners. Cats also saw an increase, albeit much less pronounced at 54% increase over 2021. 

Despite inflation, fewer people are looking toward their closets and attics to make a buck. 

  • Appraisals as a whole is down 27% YOY. That said, JustAnswer experts still answered more 42,000 questions in this category between March - May 2022. 

Electric cars are hotter than ever. 

  • While queries about boats (a pandemic pastime) and cars (flying might be replacing some road trips) both declined this spring from last year’s highs, JustAnswer did see a 69% spike in questions about electric cars specifically this spring. 

Tech continued to grow. 

  • Blame it on everyone still working from home and serving as their own IT departments, but JustAnswer experts helped with more than 180,000 tech questions this spring – an increase of 33% for “computer” questions specifically and 55% for “software” queries. Smartphone questions were also up significantly, with a 28% increase from spring 2021. 

DIY home repairs keeping JustAnswer specialists busy. 

  • The DIY home repairs trend ignited during Covid shutdown seems to have continued to grow, with JustAnswer experts in home + appliance repair processing more than 40,000 questions in spring 2022 alone. Specifically, JustAnswer saw a 26% increase in the “Home Improvement” category, and 37% in the “Small Appliance” category since the same time last spring. 

Baby formula shortage fueling pediatrics queries. 

  • The nationwide infant formula shortage had parents panicking as they tried to figure out solutions for feeding their babies and whether homemade recipes or different brands might work. All of this resulted in a 33% increase in Pediatric questions processed by JustAnswer doctors compared to the same time last year. 

What else was interesting? 

  • Overall, the Wellness category on JustAnswer  is up 3% YoY, specifically homeopathy (+64%) and Mental health (+20%)
  • Despite talk of the “The Great Resignation” or “Reshuffle,”  on JustAnswer, “Job” related questions are actually down 19% from last year. 
  • Etiquette questions were up a bit – 20% over this time last year – but wedding questions actually dropped 8% since spring 2021. 
  • In the “Finance” category, Social security questions surged 19% YOY 
  • While the Homework category overall is down on JustAnswer, the below specific topics did see significant YOY increases: 
    • Pre-Calc questions are up 193%
    • Long Paper (3+ pages) questions are up 104% 
    • Short Essay (2 pages) questions are up 96%

“You Asked What” 
Of course, we also received some, let’s just say, interesting questions as well over the past few months. Here were a few that stood out: 

  • What religion is right?
  • Any idea how to join Mariah Carey's Book Club?
  • Is there a worksheet I can use to evaluate and compare men I'm dating?
  • If I let my cat outside, will he eventually come back home?